Training & Presentations


How Can We Help?

Severn Sleep provides a range of services for organisations that would like to offer a sleep management programme to their employees, or to individuals within their care.  Each organisation has different needs and challenges, so materials can be tailored to your organisation's specific requirements.

In-House Presentations

A one hour illustrated talk with Q&A for groups of up to 20.  This is intended as a general introduction to sleep management and provides a solid understanding of the essential principles.  This will give attendees the best opportunity to implement simple but effective strategies to maintain good sleep.

In-House Training

A two day program in applying the principles of CBTi (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia).  Attendees will learn how and when to apply these techniques to safely help others restore their sleep.

One-to-One or Group Assistance

For individuals or small groups of up to 4 people who would benefit from specific assistance.  These sessions are shorter (1-2 hours) and so can be done face to face locally or through a Zoom chat when the distance is greater.

In-House Consultancy

We’ll help you take an in-depth look at how sleep is affecting individuals within your organisation and learn how to evaluate the consequences of this.  From this, a detailed proposal for change can be produced and implemented.

Who Can We Help?

Anyone with responsibility for, or interest in, the welfare of others, either in the workplace or a residential environment.  This will include those working in the following areas:

  • Wellbeing At Work
  • Human Resources
  • Occuaptional Health
  • Health & Safety
  • Residential & care management, schools etc
  • Professional Sports Development

These services are available across the country.  For more details please contact Severn Sleep.