Therapy sessions are normally between 1 - 1 1/2 hours in length and can be booked at either of our clinics.

Weekdays (9 - 5pm) £30.00
Evenings (starting 5pm or later) £33.00

Fees shown are per half hour.  Over-run is charged pro-rata up to the nearest 15 minutes.


Sessions via Skype or Zoom

A deposit of £75 will be taken in advance of the first session done over Skype.  A standard session fee of £80 is also required prior to each session (the first session will require the £80 fee plus deposit of £75 = £155).  Any over-run will be due immediately following the session.
Fees for Skype sessions are payable through Paypal or BACS [within the UK].  We will supply details when required.