Health Professional

While CBTi is the first line treatment for insomnia recommended by NICE, it is not commonly available within the NHS.  

Yet sleep is essential to both mental and physical well-being and will often significantly improve the patient’s specific condition as well as their general health and outlook on life.

We welcome enquiries from all health professionals who wish to discuss the general benefits of sleep promotion or in relation to specific patients.

General Practice

The benefits pages of this website outline the extent to which sleep is beneficial to general good health and for that reason alone, there is ample reason to enquire about patients’ sleep patterns.  

Meeting CCG targets and cutting prescribing budgets are key here.  Please refer to our Benefits page to review other conditions where the patient’s sleep should be evaluated.

We offer a free presentation service to GP and physio practices to discuss the benefits to patients as well as your practice.  For a short period, we are also offering a limited, free* trial of our service.  In either case, please call us on 07799 625628 to discuss details.


Sleep is fundamental to both a healthy body and mind.  Even at a very simple level, clients attending physio or osteopath sessions when their appointments coincide with a dip in their circadian rhythm will recover more slowly than those whose appointments are timed at a peak.  The same will undoubtedly be true of talking therapy sessions (how much of a discussion is remembered by a yawning client?)

Physical healing is maximised during sleep.  Whether through injury or surgery, healthy sleep will quicken the healing process.

For talking therapists, the benefits of sufficient sleep are profound.  We’ve all noticed how our own anxiety increases when we’ve slept badly, as well as our desire to avoid challenging tasks.  The link between insomnia and depression has been clinically proven over and over again.  

If you would like to talk to us about referring a patient, please call us on 07799 625628.