Severn Sleep - Learning To Sleep Again


Do you have trouble going to sleep?  Are you waking early... or in the middle of the night?  Are you constantly coming to terms with changing shift work?  Are you just tired of being tired?


Our techniques to overcome insomnia and related sleep issues are clinically proven with an 85% success rate.


If you are ready to fundamentally change your life, appointments are available at our clinic in Ludlow.  We also help clients across the UK and worldwide via Zoom.


Call us now on 07799 625628 for a free 10 minute consultation.


"Over the last 15 years, my sleep had become punctuated by long periods of wakefulness in the night.  This meant that I was awake for anything between 30 minutes and 2 hours 30 minutes every night.  With Giles' help over just a few weeks, I am now getting 7 hours sleep each night and occasionally as much as 9 hours!

The best thing is that I now have so much more energy and enthusiasm.  I really enjoy being more productive in the daytime and feel I can at last enjoy socialising in the evenings.  I'm also so grateful to find a significant drop in both my anxiety levels and the frequency of my migraines."

Mrs B.

"Giles very kindly agreed to be interviewed about the importance of sleep as part of our Wellbeing VLOG series about mental and physical health.  He was extremely knowledgeableand the students found the presentation really easy to understand and very practical."

Lisa Greatwood, Head of PHSE at Rugby School